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Mount Cavendish Scenic Reserve


Mount Cavendish is located at the top of the Heathcote Valley approximately 10 km from Dyers Pass, and 4.7 km from Evans Pass via the Summit Road.

Access – Summit Road, Crater Rim Walkway, or via the Gondola which has its lower terminal located on Bridal Path Road, in Heathcote Valley.

Mount Cavendish is rich in plant life because of the variety of climates offered by its altitude, range of aspects and its dominating bluffs. It affords spectacular views of the city, and the peak itself is one of the notable features that give the rugged skyline of the crater rim its dramatic quality. This reserve displays some of the best examples of lava flow to be seen on the Port Hills. The reserve is steep and rocky along the north facing bluffs with a rounded knob above, falling away steeply to the west. Strong sneakers/boots and warm clothing are recommended.
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